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Essex Soccability League May 2016


Essex Soccability League May 2016

Clacton Premiership Champions!

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Craig Organ
Alex Seymour
Kyle Thompson
Reece Bolton
Greg Lark
Tony Tully
Robbie Ratcliffe
Stuart Mayne
Harry Walden

Clacton had 2 subs for this tournament, with Robbie and Kyle returning to the squad, Stewart who had just joined Healthy 4 Life from Disability 4 Sport making his debut, but Tom Nicks and Stefano Carnevale unable to make it. As a result coach Adam made regular changes so everyone got an even amount of game time.

There was no pressure on Clacton at all, as thanks to a fantastic season they had sealed the title in the previous tournament, winning it for the 4th time in 5 seasons and losing just 1 game all season. Goalkeeper Craig was thanked for his service this season and wished farewell, as he is set to play with Colchester next season.


Cerebral Palsy Disability 4 Sport                     Automatic               Not Attending

As CP D4S weren't attending, all the attending teams were automatically credited with 3 points against them.

Porters A                                                     2-1                              Tully x2

Clacton had drawn with Porters last month, although that fixture had been refereed by the Porters manager who showed favouritism. This fixture was refereed by a proper official and Clacton got off to a cracking start, with Tully scoring 2 early goals. Clacton continued to dominate the game although didn't manage to score anymore, with Porters scoring a late consolation by catching Craig off his line.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport                            2-0                              Reece, Tully

Again Clacton dominated the game, although it took longer for the deadlock to be broken, with Reece opening the scoring with a stunning long range shot, then Tully sealing victory.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life                                   1-1                              Tully

Colchester are the team that beat Clacton in their only defeat of the season. They nearly did it again, opening the scoring. However, the competition was fairly evenly balanced and Tully managed to find an equaliser.

Robbie, Tully, Craig, Greg, Reece, Alex and Harry posing for a team photo with Adam and Carolyn