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Community Rapid Assessment Service (RAS)


Our new and innovative service provides a Rapid Assessment Service to patients in their own homes by experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) who have consultation, diagnostic and prescribing skills.  Patients will be supported to remain in their own homes wherever possible, but, where admission is appropriate the Advance Nurse Practitioners can refer to the acute hospital or to dedicated step-up beds in St Osyth Priory Ward at Clacton Hospital, with access to further step-up beds at Trinity Ward, Harwich. There will also be greater emphasis on rehabilitation and reablement in these wards with increased numbers of therapists so that patients can receive enhanced therapies to support speedier recovery and discharge.


Information for Referrers

Referrers are requested to call the dedicated telephone number where the ACE ANPs will use a screening tool to quickly determine if the patient is suitable for the Rapid Assessment Service.  Patients who require more extensive diagnostics or observation can be brought into our rapid assessment unit, but whenever possible, we will send an ANP to the patient’s home to complete the assessment.  The CCG requests that Referrers consider this service before referral to CHUFT and GPs are being asked to make referrals directly to this service to avoid acute admissions whenever possible.   

GPs together with the Ambulance Service and other community practitioners will have key roles in making this new venture a success.



RAS Telephone 01255 201632 (for Referrers only)

For patient queries after referral telephone 01255 201519