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Essex Soccability League March 2016


Ronnie Returns for Clacton

Clacton H4L A Squad:

Craig Organ

Tom Nicks
Alex Seymour
Tony Tully (c)
Ronnie Holloway
Harry Walden
Greg Lark

Clacton were without Reece Bolton, Stefano Carnevale, and Robbie Ratcliffe for this tournament. Goalkeeper Kyle Thompson had also announced his retirement from tournaments as he is finding it difficult to attend them due to work. As a result of this, Craig is probably going to be the Clacton goalkeeper for the remainder of the season. However, Ronnie was back from injury to play to make his first appearances for Clacton since September. Coach Adam Moore was also back and he switched the captaincy role from Greg to Tully. Clacton ended the tournament with their poorest performance of the season, ending up 3rd after drawing all 3 games.


Cerebral Palsy Disability 4 Sport                                 Automatic               Not Attending

Again CP D4S were not attending the tournament, and so all the attending teams were automatically credited with 3 points against them.

Porters A                                                                 0-0

It had ended goalless against Porters last month, and it ended up the same this time, to make it 4 no-score draws against Porters so far this season.

Colchester Disability 4 Sport    A                                 1-1                  Tully

Last month Clacton had come from 1-0 down to win 2-1 and again they went behind. D4S took the lead and this time held on to it for a longer period. However, D4S committed some silly fouls and Ronnie won a free kick for Clacton outside the box. Tully took it and scored an equaliser. Towards the end of the game Tully crossed another free kick into the box and the ball took a deflection off a defender ducking out the way, only for the ball to go over the bar for a corner.

Colchester Healthy 4 Life A                                           1-1                  Greg

Colchester H4L are the only team that have beaten Clacton so far this season with a 1-0 victory back in December. In the last tournament Clacton had won 1-0 with Greg scoring the only goal in a late victory. This time Clacton took an early lead with Harry passing the ball into Greg, who fired into the back of the net. However, although it looked like Clacton were going to win the game Colchester managed to find a late equaliser.