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Finance Services

Ophthalmic Payments

Payments to Opticians in Essex are calculated and recorded on the Open Exeter Ophthalmic Payments System.

Opticians send in claims for NHS sight tests (GOS1), Vouchers (GOS3), Repairs/Replacements (GOS4) and Domiciliary visits (GOS6).

These claims are input into the system by the ophthalmic payments team at Essex Contractor Services.

Claims received by the end of a calendar month are paid on the 14th (or previous working day if this falls on a weekend) of the following month.

Once all the claims received by the cut off date have been input onto the system a system process is run which calculates the payment due to each Optician.

The payments are then made to the Opticians via the ISFE Payments System.

Payment statements are currently posted to Optical practices, but we are very keen for ALL opticians to receive their statements by email and will shortly be writing out in this connection.

Ophthalmic Encryption Utility

Any practice paid by the Open Exeter ophthalmic payments system, can receive their payment statements using the electronic statement facility. The practice does NOT have to be submitting their GOS claims electronically to the Ophthalmic payments system to receive electronic statements.

Some of the statement reports within the Ophthalmic payments system can be sent electronically. Payment statements can be emailed directly to the practice. Because these reports contain Person Identifiable Data (PID), the Ophthalmic payments system encrypts the file using the same encryption protocol as that for processing electronically submitted GOS claims. Therefore a practice receiving their statement reports electronically will require a decryption process if they do NOT have a secure nhs.net email address.

If you would like to receive your payment statements electronically but do not have a secure nhs.net email address you will need to download the Ophthalmic Statement Decryption Software user guide  and the NHS Ophthalmic Encryption Utility by clicking the following links:-

Decryption user guide

Ophthalmic encryption utility


Please read the Ophthalmic Statement Decryption Software user guide, which provides guidance on how to install and use the utility.

The use of this utility is subject to the terms and conditions.

Click here to access the letter sent to all Opticians.

If you have any queries with regards to using this software, or if you would like to change the existing email address we have set up for you, please email  acecic.ecsophthalmic@nhs.net