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ACE Company Registration Documents


Articles of Association  

All companies are required to formally adopted Articles of Association specific to them when they become incorporated.  On 15th September 2010, after going through the required legal procedures, Anglian Community Enterprise was confirmed by Companies House as being incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a community interest company, limited by shares.  

To view Articles of Association select following link  - Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are like an internal set of rules that ACE must work by


  • They set out many details, for example:  
  • How the Board is made up and how Board Members are appointed.  
  • How the Staff Council is made up, their roles and responsibilities.  
  • Who is eligible to hold a share in ACE.  
  • When Annual Members Meetings should be held and how they should be run.  


An up to date version of The Articles of Association must be held at Companies House and any amendments approved by the Shareholders should be notified to Companies House within 28 days.  

Articles of Association are public documents that can be looked at by anyone who wishes to do so and can also be accessed through the Companies House Website.