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Harry Walden Match Report : 11 January 2014

Essex Soccability League - January 2014

Clacton H4L A Squad
Peter Britton
Greg Lark (c)
Harry Walden
Neil Johnson
Jordan Ovenden
Dave Ashmore
Luke Thomas

Despite being the champions of the Premiership for the past two seasons, Clacton's performance in the league so far this season had been poor. Dave Ashmore from Colchester H4L A was brought into the squad as Clacton were without players Ronnie Holloway, Stefano Carnevale, and Tom Nicks. Today Clacton's performance turned from awful to amazing, with them winning all their games with clean sheets.

Match Reports

Basildon A 3-0

Basildon were not attending the tournament today, and so all the other teams were automatically credited with a 3-0 victory over them.

Tendring Mental Health 1-0 Dave

Tendring were top of the league and had been on brilliant form. Victory was vital for Clacton if they were to stand any chance of winning the league again. Not long into the game Dave found the back of the net to bring delight to all the Clacton players. Towards the end of the game though Tendring were awarded a penalty for a handball decision against Greg. However, goalkeeper Peter managed to get a fingertip to the ball and divert it to the post. In the final few seconds of the game Peter managed to pull off another stunning save to deny Tendring an equaliser.

Disability 4 Sport 2-0 Luke x2

There had been an 11 a-side friendly between D4S and H4L in November, which H4L had won 6-2. Disability 4 Sport kicked off but 8 seconds later, they were preparing for another centre kick. Luke won possession of the ball, got past all their defenders, and found the back of the net. Luke doubled Clacton's lead and his goal tally later on but just like Tendring, D4S kept Clacton very busy.

Colchester H4L A 1-0 Luke

Although Dave usually played for Colchester but was playing for Clacton today, he treated Colchester as if they were always his opponents and did really well for Clacton. Colchester weren't quite as threatening as Tendring and D4S and Peter had less work to do than what he had to do in the previous games. Luke opened the scoring not long into the game. He had possession of the ball deep in Colchester's penalty area but also his back to the goal. Despite facing away from the goal this he still managed to curl the ball behind him and into the