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Harry Walden Shenfield Soccability : 16 February 2013

Essex Soccability League - 16th February 2013  

Clacton A  - Squad Neil Johnson (GK), Greg Lark (c,) Tom Nicks, Harry Walden, Alex Seymour, Jordan Ovenden  and Luke Thomas    

Clacton came out with a poor performance, with 2 defeats, 1 draw and 1 win, only scoring 1 goal. However, the area rule had been put back in place so no team could score from inside the penalty area. As a result of this all the games ended either 0-0 or 1-0, with no team scoring more than 2 goals in the entire tournament. Most of the goals came towards the end of the games.    

Tendring Mental Health          0-1  

Tendring came out top of the November tournament but failed to attend the October tournament. Clacton beat Tendring in November but lost to them this time. Tendring came out top of the tournament.      

Colchester Utd A                    0-1  

 Losing to Tendring caused Clacton to get frustrated as they were a very strong team. As a result of this, Clacton put out a poor performance against Colchester and lost to them too.      

Colchester H4L A                   1-0      

 Luke   Clacton were yet to beat their rivals this season but managed to this time. However, they were lucky as this was mainly because Colchester H4L were missing several players. It took a while to find the goal though, Harry setting up Luke who was unmarked. Colchester still put up a good fight though.              

 Basildon A                              0-0  

In the past Basildon have always been a very weak side, but in this tournament they came out second. The win against their rivals was vital for Clacton, as otherwise they would have probably lost to Basildon.