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Essex FA/ Soccability?

Essex  Soccability League

 What is Soccability?

The aim of Soccability is to provide coaching and competition tailored for disabled children and adults with wide-ranging football abilities. This includes a variety of training drills and specialist equipment for different disabilities.  

Who Can Take Part?

Soccability is open to people with all forms of disability and footballing ability. It’s played in three age groups (Under 13s, 16s and Adults) and in three categories (Premiership, Championship and fun). 

The definitions of these categories are in line with the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and are as follows:    Football Healthy 4 Life is in the Adult soccability  League.

Premiership: The player is able to cope physically, with good levels of spatial awareness, strong footballing ability, can understand tactics and has a good level of physical strength and fitness.

Championship/League one: The player is mobile, with spatial and tactical awareness, knowledge of the laws of the game and a good level of fitness and footballing ability

 Fun: The player has limited mobility, spatial awareness and fitness, with basic footballing ability.