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Falls Prevention

Our mission is to provide an accessible service that helps to reduce the risk of falls, trips and slips in the community by responding to the reasons for these incidents and putting in place, where possible, steps to remove or reduce future risk. The Falls Prevention Service is part of the Community Intermediate Care Services for ACE. It is run by the Falls Prevention Team who work closely with GPs, other health and social care professionals, plus a team of specially trained volunteers.

Who is your service provided for?
You do not have to have had a recent fall to be referred to the Falls Prevention Service. Anyone registered with a GP in North East Essex and aged 65 years or over may be referred if they are thought to be at risk of falling. You can easily refer yourself by phoning the number given below.

When is the service provided?
The service is available Monday to Friday from 0830hrs to 1700hrs (except Bank Holidays)

How do you access the service?
Referrals are accepted by GPs.

To refer a patient, click on the icon below to access the Community Gateway.