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Community Nursing

District Nurses are central to the ability of individuals to remain in their own or a residential setting.  District Nurses play a key role in assessing and treating patients in their home environment or Community Health building, co-ordinating care and being clinical team leaders. District Nurses manage patients with multiple and complex conditions, supporting self-care and self-management by promoting independence.

The District Nursing service is flexible and responsive.  It is committed to continually improving the delivery of care to people requiring nursing care in the community.  The District Nursing team delivers a service that is flexible, integrated and patient centred, providing high quality, holistic nursing care to patients and their carers.

The District Nursing service is committed to providing care to enable people to remain in their chosen care environment wherever possible. 

The District Nursing service is not an emergency service and all visits are prioritised according to need.

Who is your service provided for?

All patients registered within North East Essex GP services who require nursing care to be provided in their own homes, residential homes and clinics.    

Where is the service provided from? 

The teams across North East Essex are based in a variety of community locations.  

How do I contact the service?

Please call the Community Gateway telephone number shown below.

How do you access the service?

You will need a referral from your GP or Hospital clinical staff.

To refer a patient, click on the icon below to access the Community Gateway.